Jumping Into Commercial Photography

As many of my blog subscribers know, I have been working to take my architectural and interior design photography to the highest level of quality and expertise. For some time I have been learning and gaining more experience with architectural photography. My capabilities have developed, and I am ready to do some real work in this area.

I am a fine art landscape photographer, and I want to continue creating and selling my landscape photographs. I am now entering a second area of professional photography, however. I have had a strong interest in architectural and interior design photography from the beginning of my photography career, and I am now expanding my business to provide these services to commercial clients. To me, these two areas of photography--landscapes and architectural--compliment each other well. I approach each of them as an artist, and I try to create photographs that express my vision. In the case of architectural photography, I also balance my vision with the vision of the architect and/or designer.

Commercial photography is a completely new endeavor for me, and I was at first concerned about adding commercial photography services because I did not want it to affect my business of selling fine art prints of my landscape photographs. That concern was unfounded, however. In fact, I know I am in good company. For example, Ansel Adams, one of the greatest landscape photographers, made most of his income in his lifetime from commercial work. I know of many fine art landscape photographers today whose primary income comes from wedding photography, portrait sessions, or other commercial work.

It is very difficult to make a living as a fine art landscape photographer, and that is why most landscape photographers--both in the past and today--rely on commercial work for their primary source of income from photography. I want my business to succeed, and to do that I must have a reliable and significant income from it. So my commercial work will feed my fine art landscape work, and I will continue to create and offer for sale my landscape photographs.

Of course there is another motivation for me. I love photography. I love both landscape photography and architectural/interior design photography. My fine art landscape photography business has necessarily been a side business for me because it would not support me independently. By making the move into commercial photography I will eventually be able to devote all my time to photography and make it my full-time occupation.

I am looking forward to seeing that happen. I will continue to focus this blog on landscape photography and art. If you’d like to learn more about my architectural and interior design photography, see more great samples of my work, and follow my business as it develops and grows, head over to https://tesslerphotography.com where you can view my galleries and follow the separate blog I will be maintaining on that site.

Thank you for reading, and thanks for supporting my art!