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Las Vegas Harvest Festival Original Art & Craft Show

The Las Vegas Harvest Festival Original Art and Craft Show is this weekend! To promote the festival, I appeared on Channel 8 Las Vegas Now earlier this week.

This is the 31st Las Vegas Harvest Festival, and I am proud to be a part of it. There will be over 250 artists an artisans, and this year it is taking place in the World Market Center Pavilion 2.

I hope to see you this weekend, September 7-9 at the Las Vegas Harvest Festival Original Art & Craft Show. Here are some more behind the scenes images from my TV appearance, courtesy of Channel 8.

Harvest Festival Las Vegas

Earlier this month I participated in my first Harvest Festival Original Art and Crafts Show. The Harvest Festivals are juried festivals that have been held for the last 45 years, so it was an honor for me to participate in my first one. In the days leading up to the festival, I appeared on a couple of local TV programs. Here are some behind the scenes images from those appearances as well as links to my interviews.

KTNV The Morning Blend 9/6/2017

KLAS News 9/8/2017  (I come on about 5 minutes into this video.)

After the show photo-op at KTNV

It was a lot of fun going to Channel 13 KTNV in Las Vegas to be on “The Morning Blend.” Click here to see the first part of the interview. The photograph below shows the setup featuring some of my landscape work.

One of the exciting parts of appearing on “The Morning Blend” was that Las Vegas comedian/celebrity impressionist/ventriloquist Terry Fator was on the show just before me, and I took this photograph of him while he was live on the air!

A couple days later, I woke up very early in the morning to be at Channel 8 KLAS for a 5:50 AM appearance on the morning news. Click here to see that interview. I come on about five minutes into the video.

The sets at KLAS were really neat. They had a full working kitchen set on the other side of the room. Here are a couple of phone photos I took of the display of my work.

I hope you enjoyed these behind the scenes photographs. I really had a lot of fun doing these interviews, and they also helped make the Harvest Festival even more successful for me. Thank you to Brenda and Chris Meehan of Meehan & Associates as well as KTNV and KLAS in Las Vegas for the great coverage they gave to the festival and to me.

Jumping Into Commercial Photography

As many of my blog subscribers know, I have been working to take my architectural and interior design photography to the highest level of quality and expertise. For some time I have been learning and gaining more experience with architectural photography. My capabilities have developed, and I am ready to do some real work in this area.

I am a fine art landscape photographer, and I want to continue creating and selling my landscape photographs. I am now entering a second area of professional photography, however. I have had a strong interest in architectural and interior design photography from the beginning of my photography career, and I am now expanding my business to provide these services to commercial clients. To me, these two areas of photography--landscapes and architectural--compliment each other well. I approach each of them as an artist, and I try to create photographs that express my vision. In the case of architectural photography, I also balance my vision with the vision of the architect and/or designer.

Commercial photography is a completely new endeavor for me, and I was at first concerned about adding commercial photography services because I did not want it to affect my business of selling fine art prints of my landscape photographs. That concern was unfounded, however. In fact, I know I am in good company. For example, Ansel Adams, one of the greatest landscape photographers, made most of his income in his lifetime from commercial work. I know of many fine art landscape photographers today whose primary income comes from wedding photography, portrait sessions, or other commercial work.

It is very difficult to make a living as a fine art landscape photographer, and that is why most landscape photographers--both in the past and today--rely on commercial work for their primary source of income from photography. I want my business to succeed, and to do that I must have a reliable and significant income from it. So my commercial work will feed my fine art landscape work, and I will continue to create and offer for sale my landscape photographs.

Of course there is another motivation for me. I love photography. I love both landscape photography and architectural/interior design photography. My fine art landscape photography business has necessarily been a side business for me because it would not support me independently. By making the move into commercial photography I will eventually be able to devote all my time to photography and make it my full-time occupation.

I am looking forward to seeing that happen. I will continue to focus this blog on landscape photography and art. If you’d like to learn more about my architectural and interior design photography, see more great samples of my work, and follow my business as it develops and grows, head over to where you can view my galleries and follow the separate blog I will be maintaining on that site.

Thank you for reading, and thanks for supporting my art!

Recent Sales Events

Over the past two weekends I participated in holiday sales events at two local synagogues. Altogether the events were a success for me, and I gained some great experience setting up my display and making sales. Here are a couple photographs of my booth that I made at Temple Sinai on Sunday.

My 500px Experience: A Beginner’s Perspective

I recently started to upload some of my photographs to 500px, which is a site where photographers showcase their work. My page is The great thing about 500px is that the best photographs rise to the top, and you don’t have to be a well-known artist to get there.

Canyon Overlook at Sunset - My first photograph on 500px. It scored 91.

All photographs start with a 0 rating, and as people click on them to view them, mark them as a “favorite”, or “love” them, the rating slowly rises to a maximum of 100. A new photograph shows up on the “Fresh” page, giving it a chance to be seen by a lot of people. If it reaches a rating of 70, the photograph will appear on the “Upcoming” page, giving it another chance to be seen by many people. The photographs on these two pages remain only for a short time, and newer photographs regularly replace them. So unless you are a known photographer with lots of followers, it is very difficult to achieve a high rating unless your photograph is very good.

Once a photograph reaches a rating of 80, it is “Popular”. To get to the first page of the Popular photographs, you need a rating of over 99. Unlike the Fresh and Upcoming pages, which are time-based and display the most recent photographs on the first page, the Popular pages are rating-based, so the best, most highly rated photographs are on the first page. Photographs will only remain in the Popular pages for at most 24 hours, however, because after that first day, the photograph automatically loses 10 (or 11, I”m not sure) points. This feature ensures that 500px always features the best of new photography.

My strategy has been to upload one photograph a day. I don’t think it’s worthwhile to flood the system with 20 photographs in one day or even multiple photographs over a series of days. I feel like it’s better for me to focus attention on one of my photographs each day. My goal is to add photographs slowly and build a following on 500px.

First Light at Red Rock - My next photograph. It scored 93.4.

As a beginner on 500px, one of the things I’ve wondered about is timing. When is the best time to post a photograph to ensure it has a good chance of being seen and rising to the top? I’ve been posting my photographs around 4:30 PM Pacific time. I might try posting at the beginning of the day also. I’m not sure it matters that much, though. The algorithm 500px uses to calculate the ratings is not publicized, so it’s kind of a guessing game, but it seems to me that if you have lots of followers and people who have “loved” or “favorited” your work, then it will show up in their feeds on 500px, and assuming they log in at some point that day, they will see the photograph and possibly “love” or “favorite” it.

For a beginner who doesn’t have those followers, however, the most important thing is for the photograph to be seen by the maximum number of people when it has that opportunity on the Fresh and Upcoming pages. You can only control when it appears on the Fresh page (by choosing when to upload it), so it’s largely out of your hands.

I have noticed that the higher the rating, the more slowly it rises. I’m not sure if time has any effect on that observation. Photographs quickly rise in points at the beginning. As time goes on, or as the rating gets higher, the effect of a “favorite” or “love” diminishes. For example, when someone “loves” a new photograph, it might gain 5, 10, or more points. But I’ve gotten a couple of new “loves” after the photograph has been up for many hours, and the rating might only go up by 0.1. I think it’s simply a non-linear scale where the higher the current rating, the more difficult it is to get even higher, and the length of time since the photograph was uploaded may also affect that scale. Whatever the underlying algorithm, it ensures that the first Popular page always has outstanding photography, and it also means that it is very difficult to get to that first page.

Bryce Point Sunset - This one scored 92.5.

So far, I have uploaded three photographs to 500px, and all three have gone over 90. I am very happy with that result, since at first I had no followers and I am completely unknown on 500px. But that’s the great thing about 500px. I now have four followers, and my photographs have been viewed a total of over 1300 times. I’m sure some of those clicks are the same people on different computers or mobile devices or looking at different photographs, but that’s still several hundred new people viewing my photographs.

I’m enjoying watching my photographs gain exposure on 500px. I like seeing how many people view them, and it’s an exciting personal challenge to see how high they go. Will my next one do better than my last one? Will I hit 95, my next challenge? And will I eventually make it to the front page of the Popular photographs? I hope so. In any case, I’ll keep uploading the best work I can, and hopefully it will speak for itself.

Today I uploaded the photograph below. Please click it to view it on 500px and help it do well. Thanks!

Rock, Sea, and Sky - Just uploaded to 500px. Click the photo to view it on 500px.

Rock, Sea, and Sky - Just uploaded to 500px. Click the photo to view it on 500px.

Grand Opening of Updated Website and Online Store

I am very excited to announce the grand opening of my new website! I have worked very hard on this website to get it to look and behave the way I want. My updated and enhanced website also includes an online store where I am selling fine art prints of my photography.

In celebration of the opening of my online store, I am offering a 20% discount on any purchases through April 30. Just use the coupon code grandopening2015 at checkout. Take a look--I've added some new photographs as well!

As part of the update, I have integrated my old Wordpress blog here on my site. Now that my updated website is up and running, I intend to be posting on the more regular three to five week schedule I had been following rather than the more sporadic schedule I've followed for the past few months. Please consider subscribing to my newsletter, and you will receive an email any time there is a new blog article.

Thanks for your patience while I have been making this transition, and I hope you continue to follow me and enjoy my articles!