I visited Yosemite National Park in 2015, but until very recently I have not offered prints of my photographs from Yosemite.

El Capitan Starry Night, Yosemite National Park

Until now I have not printed my Yosemite photographs. Why did it take so long for me to start printing and selling these photographs? Honestly, I have no idea! But I am pleased to announce that I am now selling prints of two of my favorite photographs from Yosemite.

The photograph above is from a well-known location in Yosemite Valley looking back at El Capitan on the left. Unfortunately during my visit the skies were clear most of the time, and the sunsets and sunrises were bland as a result. The snow adds an extra dimension of interest, however, and since I wanted something going on in the sky I decided to wait until it was dark enough to capture the stars in my photograph. I love the combination of stars and snow--something about that makes the photograph feel extra cold to me.

Half Dome on the Merced River, Yosemite National Park

Here’s the other photograph I have printed. I love this one too. It’s one of the few black and white photographs I have made. I thought that it would be appropriate to make some black and white photographs in Yosemite where Ansel Adams made many of his famous images. I don’t like to compare myself to the master, but I will say that one of my customers at the Sacramento Arts Festival who purchased a print of this photograph said that it will go well with their collection of Ansel Adams photographs. I was truly flattered by that comment.

So it took some time for me to get to print these photographs, but I love the results, and I’m excited to be selling them at art festivals and online now. I hope you enjoy them!

Snow in the Mountains at Red Rock

This past January I was supposed to be going to Cathedral City, CA for an art show, but they canceled the show because of heavy rain that weekend. Cathedral City is just outside of Palm Springs, which is relatively close to Las Vegas. We also had a lot of rain here that weekend, and we got snow in the mountains of Red Rock Canyon.

Winter Morning at Pine Creek, Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Although I missed not having the art show, it gave me an opportunity to explore the mountains of Red Rock Canyon covered in snow, a rare event. Another uncommon event is to have the normally dry streams filled with running water. The streams flowed for several days following the storms. I’ve seen some of the runoff streams gushing with water before, as in this photograph.

Red Rock Runoff, Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

But that was during a heavy rainstorm, and it was accompanied by flash flooding. The recent rain and snow were a light, steady precipitation that built up over multiple days. And because a lot of the precipitation was snow, the streams continued to be fed as the snow melted in the higher elevations and worked its way down the mountains. So in the end, I had an extended period of time to make these photographs. After only a few days, however, the flow of water in the creeks slowed considerably. That extended period really was only a short window of time to capture the maximum flow of water.

Things don’t always work out as we plan. In this case I missed my art show, but the consolation was the opportunity to make these unique photographs.

Gray Winter on Pine Creek, Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area