My fine art prints are available either framed or unframed. All prints, including unframed prints, are matted with archival cotton rag matboard and mounted on 3/16" acid-free foamcore board by me.

I want you to enjoy your artwork fully, and I want it to fit into your home or office decor as perfectly as possible. To that end, I do not attempt to offer a multitude of framing options. Instead, I have selected a simple and elegant black solid wood frame that is one of the most popular frame choices on the market for fine art photography. If you choose to purchase your artwork framed from me, this frame is the one I will use. I also use UV conservation glass or acrylic in my frames to protect your artwork and extend its life.

I use different sizes of frame moulding depending on the size of the print. For the smaller sizes, I use a moulding that is 1 1/4 inches wide. For medium size prints, the moulding is 2 inches wide. And for the larger prints, I use a 3 inch wide moulding. I think these sizes best accentuate the photograph, while the simplicity of their design does not distract attention from the artwork.

If you choose to purchase your artwork matted but unframed, then you have an infinite number of choices for framing! The good news is that my pieces are all standard sizes so it should be easy to find a beautiful frame you love that complements both the artwork and your interior design.

Here are photographs of the three frame sizes I use. I have included a nickel alongside each corner sample for scale. Click any of these photographs for a larger image.

Small frame 1 1/4" wide

Medium frame 2" wide

Large frame 3" wide